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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Utterly Short Semester.

I am having my short semester now at IIU. Gosh, very tiring. What you should do for 2 weeks now is compressed to 1 week instead. Not only classes, but same goes to quizzes, assignments' submission, and also exams. By the way, I got a job as a surveyor at JayaOne (yeah I know, that far right?). I can get RM12 for an hour, max is 12 hours per day. Any 6 days in a week except Friday. Flexible time and dress code. Oarsome isn't it? I hope to do the thing even when I finished my short semester and continue to the long semester as well. Haha. So, I can get few of my dream things even faster.

AMAGADD I miss my SEMASHUR friends like shiznit I tell yah!

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