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The harder He tested you, the more He loves you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Holidays For Army.

Gosh,it's been awhile yah since the last time I've posted something here. Most of you guys knew already that I was freaggin' busy with exams and most importantly taking care of Mama throughout her time in the hospital. By the Grace of Allah *Alhamdulillah* she already discharged yesterday. I really appreciated all the prayers by you guys and all the doctors,nurses,and staffs that had involved in Mama's recovery process.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

Yet,what make me sad the most now is that I'm going for a month of army recruitment camp at MinDef under Wataniah Skills starting this Saturday and I'm so worry about who's gonna take care of Mama while I'm away. I don't believe that anyone could ever take care of her as good as what I did for the past 4 day because I'm so freaggin' sure I took care of her so well that she teared when I cleaned her up every-single-morning. I really hope that Ayah and Abang will do a great job at home while I'm away,Insya-Allah. I also pray to All Mighty Allah to always take care of Mama too,speed up her recovery and what not while I'm not around her.

Amin Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

Well another story is that yesterday my long-lost best friend,M,called. It's been awhile since the last time we chatted. I knew he got some issues and problems that he seems to isolate himself from everyone,including me. Yeah,as I said,we soldier are meant to be like this. Not even him,but me too,that sometimes when we bumped into old friends,they surely gonna came out with such statement;

*cough* "Orang tu sejak masuk askar ni sombong gila" *cough*
"Ye lah siapa lah kitorang kan nak lepak dgn budak-budak askar"

-and what not-

It's not about that we don't want to mingle around with you guys or what,but we really don't have the time to do so,at all! Our weekends are surely packed with all those Cocu craps and at night we really need to study and settle everything since we realize that we don't have time on the weekends to do those things. But,itu la masalahnya kan,you guys won't understand,and some won't even bother to understand kan. *grin of sarcasm*

Nama je kawan,haih.

We also have feeling,my friends. Please do understand us,the Cocu kids. We still hold on to our friendship no matter what(trust me on this),and in our deepest heart,we still wanna mingle around with you guys. But the fact that you guys had thought of us like that and said such things,had really made us *sigh* really wanna be apart from everything until we are really,really,forgotten.

Okay,I'm so not into emotional mode for now,so let's just make a full stop there.

Haaaaaaiiiiiiiih. (mengeluh panjang)

Okay this might be my last post before going off for the one month camp. I wish you guys all the best in everything and esp. to my UIA peeps,happy holiday. Take care and have fun. We'll see in the middle of May for short semester,and for those who are not taking it,see you guys in Sept instead yah.

Taliho peeps. Text me anytime because I shall (secretly) bring along my new-simple-cheap RM80 phone to the camp.

-Mama and Mak Teh-
"Mama jaga diri elok-elok masa Adik pergi kem.
Nanti bila free Adik call rumah okay"
*wipe the tears*

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Not So Resting Days.

BM Kerjaya
Electric Circuit
Calculus 2

#Super-duper-awesomely facepalm.

So some of my closest friends already knew that I'm not taking Electronics and Dynamics this semester so I'm off for a few resting days earlier then them while they need to sit for 3 killing subject (Programming,Electronics and Dynamics) papers 3-straight-days in a row. I wish you guys all the best,though. However my resting days are not so resting at all. I still need to study for my Circuit exam on Friday and Calculus 2 (the oh-so-killing-me-softly-with-its-questions) exam on Saturday,then I'm totally done with this semester. I'm home for now and I need to clean everything up before Mama admits herself into HKL for her surgery (refer here). I'll be taking care of her in the night for these few days while Ayah on duty in the evening. Then,after finishing the exams it's gonna be me all the time (biasa lah anak mithali,eceh!).

I pray that everything's going smoothly Amin Amin Aminnn.

I ask for strength and Allah give me difficulties to make me strong.
I ask for wisdom and Allah gave me problem to solve.
-Salahuddin Al-Ayubi-

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Jangan Cari Pasal Sama Gua Time Exam La.

There's this one guy (and a bunch of his friends) from UIA (the same university with me) came to last year Urbanscape. I was on duty for ticketing at that moment. So that group of people arrived and fortunately I knew one of them very well. So I welcomed that friend whom I knew and I asked whether he's was with other friends from UIA as well.


His friends was too shy for being a UIA student and having the fact I said UIA on public (but no one couldn't care less of what I'm saying because it was too noisy at the moment and they were so eager to get into the event rather then hearing what I said) made them hate me so much for stating them as UIA student.

#Ye la tak cool lah bro budak UIA pergi Urbanscape kan kan kan?

So they hate me ever since,capital OMG. I leave my FB status to tell what exactly I think towards such kind of people.

Okay hatred moment,so-totally over it already.Back to exam mode.