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The harder He tested you, the more He loves you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Unexpectable Expectation.

I went back to UIA last Sunday with a very very very heavy heart (berat hati), thinking that this coming week would be a really oh-so stressing week. With unfinished reports, unstudied exams, unprepared presentation and I haven't start anything for my UNGS and Programming project.


Monday went normal I guessed, with all the classes and usual stress. Tuesday was the greatest I guessed so far. I got back my EC mid term paper and Praise Be Upon Allah, I scored it well. Wednesday was a bit tiring (and sort of pissed off). I had my UNGS mid term paper that morning (and I came about 30 minutes late, dang!) and I sort of couldn't answered few of the questions Especially the question that ask about why Al Muwatta' by Imam Malik is not to be considered as the top 6 Hadith to be referred to. I had workshop in the evening and it was the Milling week. Milling is such a hast. I finished my class so late, around 5.30 pm. However, I managed to rush to CAC to meet Cikgu Azrina and her F1 team. They came for the Engitex exhibition I guessed. Thanks Cikgu for coming even though it's not you main purposes, hihi. Anyhow, Thursday was a little bit disappointment. Kak Mimi didn't come for EC class. I had the usual class in which I came back late around 7.00 pm. Went usrah with PEPIAS that night.

Today was Friday, and it sucks. A lot! Couldn't it get even worse then today?
Oh wait, I got Wataniah training tomorrow from 0700 to 1700. Dbl dammit.
(and I haven't study anything for Calculus 2 mid term this Sunday)

Pray of the week: Allah granted me the greatest of ease for me to settle this week, pretty please.

A living proof to deny Zahirul Alam's statement to me,"You are incompetent".
Oh well, I'm not stupid, I just couldn't study with a stupid person like you.
And look what happened when I studied with someone smart.

P/S: Next time ZA, mind your words (even though you are a lecturer), got it?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kalaulah Bulu Itu Boleh Dijadikan Duit.

Its not wrong to berangan sometimes,that you are filthy rich (but don't berangan that Hana Tajima is your wife la, 'cause you just might get dead,killed by me,lol).

Leica M8,M8.2;
My current-heartthrob obsession.

People said the price is unimaginably expensive. So definitely a big NO for me lah kan. Even Aiman said, "lepas duit JPA campur duit MARA pun tak lepas lagi nak beli satu Leica". Haha,for real,that expensive huh? My friend at UIA Kuantan,Dinie had a 'friend' of her (let me get this straight,a really close friend of her) have one of Leica's (M6 if I'm not mistaken) and he have a blog with tonnes of Leica's results that really catch my eyes; Hariry Ariffin. Get a peek of it whenever you are free .

P/S: Esok habis cuti,dammit. Kerja satu benda tak usik lagi. Dbl dammit.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Re-defining Holiday.

I really don't know how to react to holiday,at all. In the first place,what does holiday actually means? Isn't holiday supposedly to be the time for all of us to rest our mind from all the school/work stress? I really don't understand why the term 'holiday' is created but the stress is still the same as if it wasn't a holiday,at all. Honestly said,I really felt messed up.

Bummer -..-" *kan Syazwan kan,haha..*

My lecturers are so a disappointment for me. Giving me tonnes of assignments and what not for the holiday (again,what does holiday means?). The workloads are as if I'm on a month of hiatus,but I'm just off for a week of rest, only! This is totally preposterous! (aceh,mcm Mat British pulak kan,haha). Supposedly I'm going to Pasir Puteh tomorrow,accompanying my brother to attend his future wife-to-be's sister a.k.a his classmate's *long story,later okay* wedding. But somehow,after seeing the mountains of papers in my bag just now,I decided to cancel the trip (bummer!) *haha blame Syazwan for making me addicted to this sigh-term*.

Thought of returning back to UIA earlier as in tomorrow because hell yes I won't touch any of the assignments while I'm still at home. But nah,I think I should stay home as long as I could. I know I'm gonna miss those house-made cookings during my one-freaking-whole month of army recruitment right after finishing this semester *again,long story,later okay*.

P/S: Kinda stress lately due to lots of thinking ... about ... how to make money (Dammit!)
Dbl P/S: I think I'm still normal because I'm not the only one having the I-cannot-study-at-all-when-I'm-home disease,ay mate?

But definitely undeniable, holiday is the time to fatten up.
*Musim Menternak Lemak*

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 1.

By right,if any of my pantai timur friends read this they just might say,

"Day 1 mung krek krek,org doh nok msk bulang duo doh!"

Haha,laugh all you want but yes,I've decided to be active back in blogging world again. I don't know whether it's a good news or a bad one for you guys,who cares *evil grins*. Gonna give my uttermost effort to bring you the updates on my surrounding (at least) *yeah right*.

Enough blabbering;

Current obsession: Hana Tajima,one who may ticks all the points in the List of Characteristics for Future Wife-to-be.

Would really,really,really like to write something about her (obviously something great) but I just can't stop adoring her. Show it to Mama yesterday and she said,"Bukan senang nak tgk foreigner pakai tudung betul-betul,and fashionize". Haha,Mama,the second one nanti you can see atas pelamin with me (lol!)

P/S: Someone said she's like Maria Ozawa masuk Islam (duh -..-")