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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lame Gila Wei.

Modus operandi orang tak berani cakap depan-depan. Kalau lelaki memang sumpah takde telor. Kalau perempuan tak sure nak cakap takde apa.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Guessed This Goes For Wowo :)

Haha in reply to Wowo's dedicated post for me through her blog.

To Wowo;
for the post and keep writing more :)

Haha talk about friends/foes/anonymous people from my alma mater,I never was this kind of extrovert kid back then. I was more to this kind of timid and introvert person,live my own live and doesn't give a crap about others. I strongly believe that age is a factor behind all of these kinds of act and attitude. Don't ask me why because IASFDKY. In brief,I prefer to stay low-profile all the time. Note that I was not even talking to most of the seniors and juniors,too.

But it is funny when you finished your school and you started to mature. Age is not a boundary anymore for me to socialize with everyone. I get to know seniors,super-seniors,juniors,super-juniors (NOT THE K-POP THINGY!!) and even teachers too. Even better,I get to be-close with some of them as good friends of mine. To be honest,most of my best friends now are not at a similar age with me. But we communicated as if we have been knowing for each other since a very long time before.I know,awkward isn't it. But it does happened. And now look at me. An extrovert person with a bunch of great friends and together along,great foes too.

I think this is what it meant by some people bloom early while some late. But eventually,everyone will. Do not rush for your life. Instead let it come to you with its own time for it may come beautifully in its own way that we could not imagine.

Kaled was here. Roger and out.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

How Friendship Works On 7 July 2011.

Modus operandi persahabatan dewasa kini:

1) Bila berkawan depan-depan lagak baik. Dekat belakang kutuk lagi teruk dari musuh sendiri. 'Musuh dalam selimut' is the precise term for it.

2) Bila tak berkawan pun kena bang jugak. Kena panggil 'sombong' la. Kena label 'pilih kawan' la. So on and so forth.

3) Bila berkawan tapi taknak attach sangat,knowing that they are just pretending in front of us;they label us 'hypocrite'. Tapi diri sendiri buat tak pandai nak cermin.

That is how friendship goes nowadays. They suck out friend's blood to live.

Word-fulled Wednesday Lagi Cool.

I went to watch Transformers: Dark of The Moon today and as expected,it was dang boring. Unless for the cool robot tech,I am just impressed on the wing-suit scene alone. Story line-wise was an absolute typical 2011 movie. I went to redeem MTV tickets afterwards,and as always dang Celcom fucked me up. Tickets are absolutely finished redeemed. F' you Celcom,F' you,big time!!!

I had dinner with Abu,Ili and her bf,Ihsan. Izwan too. Ili gave me a rough time for the first time tonight,since she got her bf besides to back her up,in case if me and Abu counter attack her. Tonight is your night babe. Live to it. It shall be the last and only time you had it on me.


Talk about pictures without words reminds me of a story once told by my dad. It is about an Indian living at The States that have an ulcer in his mouth and needs to do a live telecast through handy-cam to his family back in Malaysia,telling that he is coming home. So he find a picture of a chicken,a goat and a bag. Then he rises the pictures by sequence and amazingly the family got the massage clearly. So people then wonder how he did it. So he replied that it was easy. The pictures were "AYAM,KAMBING,BEG (I am coming back)". All people laughed to death afterwards.

A picture alone may tells a thousand words,isn't it?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Change Is Good I Guess.

Things do change. I have changed. So did you. It would never be the same as before. Cut may heals,but scars will left behind. Everything has a thin gap with emotion.

That is why we should never hope on fairy tales. Friendship is one of them. Goodbye friend, I hope you'll find a new one that is less burden to you,unlike me.

But changing your skin color to a darker one,NO GOOD!

Monday, July 04, 2011

You Just Might Not Realize It.

Having parents that have Facebook account is what most people fear the most. All secrets are at stakes for them to know. Quite a dang about that though. However,I am glad that my parents have the accounts. At least,I know that I have to behave well at all times for they are observing me 24/7.

Ayah and Mama

I don't add my elder brother though. Bahaya,dia kuat godek my secrets. Same goes to my aunts and uncles too. Thank God my parents are quite,computer-illiterate.

The best part of having parents with Facebook account is that they always support us no matter what and keep advising us to be a better one.

Awhh Ayah and Mama,saranghaeyo :)

Note:Dinda Hawa tu takde kena mengena,harap maklum.Lol.
A Less Relevant Note:Mood masih kurang baik sebab hal siang tadi.

Jerk Trivia.

Some people think they are right,yet they apologize on social culture basis. Some people think they are right and there's no need to apologize. These people live on majestic pride. Some people think they are right and when another apologize to them,they still don't want to apologize. These people are the worst amongst all. I hope they'll be burnt to ashes in hell.

I pity the world to have such people live in it,for these people are the reason the world runs today in a way I am not prefer with.

The Calling.

It is not hard for one to say "I am sorry",knowing that what had been said before had disheartened another. The least it to take back the words stated before realizing that someone had disheartened by it.

But what to do,human these days breathe on pride.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Holidays For Army.

Gosh,it's been awhile yah since the last time I've posted something here. Most of you guys knew already that I was freaggin' busy with exams and most importantly taking care of Mama throughout her time in the hospital. By the Grace of Allah *Alhamdulillah* she already discharged yesterday. I really appreciated all the prayers by you guys and all the doctors,nurses,and staffs that had involved in Mama's recovery process.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

Yet,what make me sad the most now is that I'm going for a month of army recruitment camp at MinDef under Wataniah Skills starting this Saturday and I'm so worry about who's gonna take care of Mama while I'm away. I don't believe that anyone could ever take care of her as good as what I did for the past 4 day because I'm so freaggin' sure I took care of her so well that she teared when I cleaned her up every-single-morning. I really hope that Ayah and Abang will do a great job at home while I'm away,Insya-Allah. I also pray to All Mighty Allah to always take care of Mama too,speed up her recovery and what not while I'm not around her.

Amin Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

Well another story is that yesterday my long-lost best friend,M,called. It's been awhile since the last time we chatted. I knew he got some issues and problems that he seems to isolate himself from everyone,including me. Yeah,as I said,we soldier are meant to be like this. Not even him,but me too,that sometimes when we bumped into old friends,they surely gonna came out with such statement;

*cough* "Orang tu sejak masuk askar ni sombong gila" *cough*
"Ye lah siapa lah kitorang kan nak lepak dgn budak-budak askar"

-and what not-

It's not about that we don't want to mingle around with you guys or what,but we really don't have the time to do so,at all! Our weekends are surely packed with all those Cocu craps and at night we really need to study and settle everything since we realize that we don't have time on the weekends to do those things. But,itu la masalahnya kan,you guys won't understand,and some won't even bother to understand kan. *grin of sarcasm*

Nama je kawan,haih.

We also have feeling,my friends. Please do understand us,the Cocu kids. We still hold on to our friendship no matter what(trust me on this),and in our deepest heart,we still wanna mingle around with you guys. But the fact that you guys had thought of us like that and said such things,had really made us *sigh* really wanna be apart from everything until we are really,really,forgotten.

Okay,I'm so not into emotional mode for now,so let's just make a full stop there.

Haaaaaaiiiiiiiih. (mengeluh panjang)

Okay this might be my last post before going off for the one month camp. I wish you guys all the best in everything and esp. to my UIA peeps,happy holiday. Take care and have fun. We'll see in the middle of May for short semester,and for those who are not taking it,see you guys in Sept instead yah.

Taliho peeps. Text me anytime because I shall (secretly) bring along my new-simple-cheap RM80 phone to the camp.

-Mama and Mak Teh-
"Mama jaga diri elok-elok masa Adik pergi kem.
Nanti bila free Adik call rumah okay"
*wipe the tears*

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Not So Resting Days.

BM Kerjaya
Electric Circuit
Calculus 2

#Super-duper-awesomely facepalm.

So some of my closest friends already knew that I'm not taking Electronics and Dynamics this semester so I'm off for a few resting days earlier then them while they need to sit for 3 killing subject (Programming,Electronics and Dynamics) papers 3-straight-days in a row. I wish you guys all the best,though. However my resting days are not so resting at all. I still need to study for my Circuit exam on Friday and Calculus 2 (the oh-so-killing-me-softly-with-its-questions) exam on Saturday,then I'm totally done with this semester. I'm home for now and I need to clean everything up before Mama admits herself into HKL for her surgery (refer here). I'll be taking care of her in the night for these few days while Ayah on duty in the evening. Then,after finishing the exams it's gonna be me all the time (biasa lah anak mithali,eceh!).

I pray that everything's going smoothly Amin Amin Aminnn.

I ask for strength and Allah give me difficulties to make me strong.
I ask for wisdom and Allah gave me problem to solve.
-Salahuddin Al-Ayubi-

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Jangan Cari Pasal Sama Gua Time Exam La.

There's this one guy (and a bunch of his friends) from UIA (the same university with me) came to last year Urbanscape. I was on duty for ticketing at that moment. So that group of people arrived and fortunately I knew one of them very well. So I welcomed that friend whom I knew and I asked whether he's was with other friends from UIA as well.


His friends was too shy for being a UIA student and having the fact I said UIA on public (but no one couldn't care less of what I'm saying because it was too noisy at the moment and they were so eager to get into the event rather then hearing what I said) made them hate me so much for stating them as UIA student.

#Ye la tak cool lah bro budak UIA pergi Urbanscape kan kan kan?

So they hate me ever since,capital OMG. I leave my FB status to tell what exactly I think towards such kind of people.

Okay hatred moment,so-totally over it already.Back to exam mode.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Into The Battlefield.

Jadual Final aku sem ni.

The fact that duduk dekat rumah selesa sangat so tak boleh nak belajar,I opt to return to UIA today. Problem arise when dekat UIA takde mood pulak nak belajar. My roomates are like always seldom in the room,so no one is,in fact,influencing me to study. Bukak tingkap seluas alam hoping that I see someone studying so ada la teman belajar jauh (kununnya lah kan) but budak UIA lagi lagi blok F yang menghadap blok G dekat Mahallah Salahuddin ini sombong sombong belaka. Semua tutup langsir. Yang bukak pulak capital OMG macam bangsat perangai borak dengan handphone bukan main kuat tak ingat dunia. Takpun main PES,pastu sorak macam Malaysia menang lawan bola dgn Indon. Lagi lagi awek Rahman Samewoi,si Kak Ning tu. Tak gayut,nyanyi lagu Ning Baizura. Urgh,bak kata org T'ganu,"remzak aku". Kawan nak cakap banyak tapi seorang pun takde nak ajak study sama. "Tapi takpe,aku dah biasa hidup keseorangan". No big deal lah bro,dalam kubur pun sorang sorang jugak nanti.

#Okay banyak melalut dan mengeluh makes Kaled a dumb dumb doo-duh.

Mari bukak buku UNGS sambil dengar bunyi unggas dekat luar tingkap. Kbai.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Final Is Near.

Final is near so I'm taking this opportunity to wish all my mates the best of luck in your papers. I'm sorry for every mistakes that I've done before and hope you guys will pray for my success,too.

*Gedik,back to reality lah bro*

Hahaha yes examination season is near and I haven't study anything yet. I guessed this is mainly because of the late releasing of programming project that whenever I try to study for final I can't concentrate enough because I haven't finish my programming project yet. Sent my brotha Arif Sharin yesterday to KLIA to pursue his dream in becoming a great chef at Germany. You may see the pictures at Ili's page. Mum's going to have her womb-removing surgery on the 8th Apr but she wanted to admit earlier,by the 6th I guess. I'll be departing for Wataniah recruitment on the 17th though,so I have few days to take care of Mum at the hosp. I hope Zyed's mum is getting better,too. Abang had decided his marriage date. 1oth Mac '12 at Kak Mawar's and the 17th is our side,at Dewan Komuniti Ibu Kota (and yes you all are gladly invited to come). I get to know that she had someone special now and truthfully I have no comment. Seriously. Her presence lately pun had bothered me enough. Really do,but what I can say. Some said it's nobody's fault,some said it's everyone's fault. We just need to live on with the decision we've made,whether it's the right choice or the opposite. I have great comments on my new FB profile picture thanks guys. I'm glad I did great in the final workshop paper last Mon morning. Everything I read that morning just slightly before the exam really came out *facepalm*.

Okay I think that's all for now. Will surely do update the blog with more fun stuffs when everything's cool.

Selamat menjadi insan gemilang,cemerlang dan terbilang.1M my ass ekekeke.

P/S:Bhahaha tiba-tiba rasa nak mencalonkan diri dalam pilihanraya nanti.

Ini adalah gambar saya yg dicanang-canang menjadi kegilaan orang.
(sudahlah jangan mempermainkan hati saya lagi)

Dbl P/S: I greatly appreciate Sarah Farid's comments the most,thank you dear :)

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Hatred Post, Chapter 1.

Aah,it's been awhile,huh?

The hell with failing midterm paper for Calculus 2. The hell with feeling lost already in learning Programming. The hell with feeling WAY LOST in doing Engineering Lab 2. The hell with the instructor teaching the Engineering Lab 2. The hell with busy weekend with Drill Test and Anniversary Celebration for Wataniah. The hell with losing my oh-so beloved snow cap and hoodie. The hell with the kulliyah admin that said,"You're complaining too much yet you just pay RM1302.50 per semester". The hell with freaggin' ppl that say I'm being ungrateful for complaining too much. The hell MORE to those says that and yet they are complaining too. The hell with ppl who say I'm heartless. The hell,too,to those who make me heartless. The hell with PRE-REG especially. The hell with dysfunctional hand phone. The hell with BM group presentation,UNGS quiz and anything related,bla bla bla. The hell with two-faced friends. The hell with Muammar Gadaffi (oh wait,he is going to hell pun). The hell with merely lost in Circuit (but managed to get back in track woot-woot!). The hell with f'ed-up foreigners who make problems during Workshop Skills. The hell with walking back and forth from Mahallah Salahuddin to academic area every single effin' day just to have another day of being pissing-off. The hell with ...

The hell with this week, the hell with everything laaaaa!

This week I'm so into emo-mode. Benda kecik pun boleh jadi besar dan nak kecoh mcm konflik dunia. Ppl might just say to me to take a chill-pill instead or take a grip or what not. Haha won't help much I guess 'cause I'm so into men-PMS-sorta-moments atmo now.

P/S: I know bunch of ppl were kichik hati sama gua sebab minggu ni gua byk cakap lepas or act like 'ci-byebye'. Seriously guys, my deepest apology doh. Really doesn't mean too, it just happened. Bare with me for for another few days okay.

Dbl P/S: The hell with YOU,too.

"In times of sorrow comes my oh-so lovely cure of despair"
Well hello there Mr Kinky.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Unexpectable Expectation.

I went back to UIA last Sunday with a very very very heavy heart (berat hati), thinking that this coming week would be a really oh-so stressing week. With unfinished reports, unstudied exams, unprepared presentation and I haven't start anything for my UNGS and Programming project.


Monday went normal I guessed, with all the classes and usual stress. Tuesday was the greatest I guessed so far. I got back my EC mid term paper and Praise Be Upon Allah, I scored it well. Wednesday was a bit tiring (and sort of pissed off). I had my UNGS mid term paper that morning (and I came about 30 minutes late, dang!) and I sort of couldn't answered few of the questions Especially the question that ask about why Al Muwatta' by Imam Malik is not to be considered as the top 6 Hadith to be referred to. I had workshop in the evening and it was the Milling week. Milling is such a hast. I finished my class so late, around 5.30 pm. However, I managed to rush to CAC to meet Cikgu Azrina and her F1 team. They came for the Engitex exhibition I guessed. Thanks Cikgu for coming even though it's not you main purposes, hihi. Anyhow, Thursday was a little bit disappointment. Kak Mimi didn't come for EC class. I had the usual class in which I came back late around 7.00 pm. Went usrah with PEPIAS that night.

Today was Friday, and it sucks. A lot! Couldn't it get even worse then today?
Oh wait, I got Wataniah training tomorrow from 0700 to 1700. Dbl dammit.
(and I haven't study anything for Calculus 2 mid term this Sunday)

Pray of the week: Allah granted me the greatest of ease for me to settle this week, pretty please.

A living proof to deny Zahirul Alam's statement to me,"You are incompetent".
Oh well, I'm not stupid, I just couldn't study with a stupid person like you.
And look what happened when I studied with someone smart.

P/S: Next time ZA, mind your words (even though you are a lecturer), got it?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kalaulah Bulu Itu Boleh Dijadikan Duit.

Its not wrong to berangan sometimes,that you are filthy rich (but don't berangan that Hana Tajima is your wife la, 'cause you just might get dead,killed by me,lol).

Leica M8,M8.2;
My current-heartthrob obsession.

People said the price is unimaginably expensive. So definitely a big NO for me lah kan. Even Aiman said, "lepas duit JPA campur duit MARA pun tak lepas lagi nak beli satu Leica". Haha,for real,that expensive huh? My friend at UIA Kuantan,Dinie had a 'friend' of her (let me get this straight,a really close friend of her) have one of Leica's (M6 if I'm not mistaken) and he have a blog with tonnes of Leica's results that really catch my eyes; Hariry Ariffin. Get a peek of it whenever you are free .

P/S: Esok habis cuti,dammit. Kerja satu benda tak usik lagi. Dbl dammit.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Re-defining Holiday.

I really don't know how to react to holiday,at all. In the first place,what does holiday actually means? Isn't holiday supposedly to be the time for all of us to rest our mind from all the school/work stress? I really don't understand why the term 'holiday' is created but the stress is still the same as if it wasn't a holiday,at all. Honestly said,I really felt messed up.

Bummer -..-" *kan Syazwan kan,haha..*

My lecturers are so a disappointment for me. Giving me tonnes of assignments and what not for the holiday (again,what does holiday means?). The workloads are as if I'm on a month of hiatus,but I'm just off for a week of rest, only! This is totally preposterous! (aceh,mcm Mat British pulak kan,haha). Supposedly I'm going to Pasir Puteh tomorrow,accompanying my brother to attend his future wife-to-be's sister a.k.a his classmate's *long story,later okay* wedding. But somehow,after seeing the mountains of papers in my bag just now,I decided to cancel the trip (bummer!) *haha blame Syazwan for making me addicted to this sigh-term*.

Thought of returning back to UIA earlier as in tomorrow because hell yes I won't touch any of the assignments while I'm still at home. But nah,I think I should stay home as long as I could. I know I'm gonna miss those house-made cookings during my one-freaking-whole month of army recruitment right after finishing this semester *again,long story,later okay*.

P/S: Kinda stress lately due to lots of thinking ... about ... how to make money (Dammit!)
Dbl P/S: I think I'm still normal because I'm not the only one having the I-cannot-study-at-all-when-I'm-home disease,ay mate?

But definitely undeniable, holiday is the time to fatten up.
*Musim Menternak Lemak*

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 1.

By right,if any of my pantai timur friends read this they just might say,

"Day 1 mung krek krek,org doh nok msk bulang duo doh!"

Haha,laugh all you want but yes,I've decided to be active back in blogging world again. I don't know whether it's a good news or a bad one for you guys,who cares *evil grins*. Gonna give my uttermost effort to bring you the updates on my surrounding (at least) *yeah right*.

Enough blabbering;

Current obsession: Hana Tajima,one who may ticks all the points in the List of Characteristics for Future Wife-to-be.

Would really,really,really like to write something about her (obviously something great) but I just can't stop adoring her. Show it to Mama yesterday and she said,"Bukan senang nak tgk foreigner pakai tudung betul-betul,and fashionize". Haha,Mama,the second one nanti you can see atas pelamin with me (lol!)

P/S: Someone said she's like Maria Ozawa masuk Islam (duh -..-")