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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Final Is Near.

Final is near so I'm taking this opportunity to wish all my mates the best of luck in your papers. I'm sorry for every mistakes that I've done before and hope you guys will pray for my success,too.

*Gedik,back to reality lah bro*

Hahaha yes examination season is near and I haven't study anything yet. I guessed this is mainly because of the late releasing of programming project that whenever I try to study for final I can't concentrate enough because I haven't finish my programming project yet. Sent my brotha Arif Sharin yesterday to KLIA to pursue his dream in becoming a great chef at Germany. You may see the pictures at Ili's page. Mum's going to have her womb-removing surgery on the 8th Apr but she wanted to admit earlier,by the 6th I guess. I'll be departing for Wataniah recruitment on the 17th though,so I have few days to take care of Mum at the hosp. I hope Zyed's mum is getting better,too. Abang had decided his marriage date. 1oth Mac '12 at Kak Mawar's and the 17th is our side,at Dewan Komuniti Ibu Kota (and yes you all are gladly invited to come). I get to know that she had someone special now and truthfully I have no comment. Seriously. Her presence lately pun had bothered me enough. Really do,but what I can say. Some said it's nobody's fault,some said it's everyone's fault. We just need to live on with the decision we've made,whether it's the right choice or the opposite. I have great comments on my new FB profile picture thanks guys. I'm glad I did great in the final workshop paper last Mon morning. Everything I read that morning just slightly before the exam really came out *facepalm*.

Okay I think that's all for now. Will surely do update the blog with more fun stuffs when everything's cool.

Selamat menjadi insan gemilang,cemerlang dan terbilang.1M my ass ekekeke.

P/S:Bhahaha tiba-tiba rasa nak mencalonkan diri dalam pilihanraya nanti.

Ini adalah gambar saya yg dicanang-canang menjadi kegilaan orang.
(sudahlah jangan mempermainkan hati saya lagi)

Dbl P/S: I greatly appreciate Sarah Farid's comments the most,thank you dear :)

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