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Friday, March 04, 2011

The Hatred Post, Chapter 1.

Aah,it's been awhile,huh?

The hell with failing midterm paper for Calculus 2. The hell with feeling lost already in learning Programming. The hell with feeling WAY LOST in doing Engineering Lab 2. The hell with the instructor teaching the Engineering Lab 2. The hell with busy weekend with Drill Test and Anniversary Celebration for Wataniah. The hell with losing my oh-so beloved snow cap and hoodie. The hell with the kulliyah admin that said,"You're complaining too much yet you just pay RM1302.50 per semester". The hell with freaggin' ppl that say I'm being ungrateful for complaining too much. The hell MORE to those says that and yet they are complaining too. The hell with ppl who say I'm heartless. The hell,too,to those who make me heartless. The hell with PRE-REG especially. The hell with dysfunctional hand phone. The hell with BM group presentation,UNGS quiz and anything related,bla bla bla. The hell with two-faced friends. The hell with Muammar Gadaffi (oh wait,he is going to hell pun). The hell with merely lost in Circuit (but managed to get back in track woot-woot!). The hell with f'ed-up foreigners who make problems during Workshop Skills. The hell with walking back and forth from Mahallah Salahuddin to academic area every single effin' day just to have another day of being pissing-off. The hell with ...

The hell with this week, the hell with everything laaaaa!

This week I'm so into emo-mode. Benda kecik pun boleh jadi besar dan nak kecoh mcm konflik dunia. Ppl might just say to me to take a chill-pill instead or take a grip or what not. Haha won't help much I guess 'cause I'm so into men-PMS-sorta-moments atmo now.

P/S: I know bunch of ppl were kichik hati sama gua sebab minggu ni gua byk cakap lepas or act like 'ci-byebye'. Seriously guys, my deepest apology doh. Really doesn't mean too, it just happened. Bare with me for for another few days okay.

Dbl P/S: The hell with YOU,too.

"In times of sorrow comes my oh-so lovely cure of despair"
Well hello there Mr Kinky.

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