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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Jangan Cari Pasal Sama Gua Time Exam La.

There's this one guy (and a bunch of his friends) from UIA (the same university with me) came to last year Urbanscape. I was on duty for ticketing at that moment. So that group of people arrived and fortunately I knew one of them very well. So I welcomed that friend whom I knew and I asked whether he's was with other friends from UIA as well.


His friends was too shy for being a UIA student and having the fact I said UIA on public (but no one couldn't care less of what I'm saying because it was too noisy at the moment and they were so eager to get into the event rather then hearing what I said) made them hate me so much for stating them as UIA student.

#Ye la tak cool lah bro budak UIA pergi Urbanscape kan kan kan?

So they hate me ever since,capital OMG. I leave my FB status to tell what exactly I think towards such kind of people.

Okay hatred moment,so-totally over it already.Back to exam mode.


*cimOt* said...

ohhhhh..who's that shit huh??
berambus la kalo camtu..cessss..

Lisa Farhana said...

what? kita pergi urbanscape hari tu cool je? haha

mizah-k said...

shame on that fella. i'd be pissed at him too..
i for one am proud to be UIA-an....*waves UIA flag* :

Kaled Ali said...

lisa:ni urbanscape tahun 2010.u dtg ke that one?
miza:yeup we surely do :)