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Monday, April 04, 2011

The Not So Resting Days.

BM Kerjaya
Electric Circuit
Calculus 2

#Super-duper-awesomely facepalm.

So some of my closest friends already knew that I'm not taking Electronics and Dynamics this semester so I'm off for a few resting days earlier then them while they need to sit for 3 killing subject (Programming,Electronics and Dynamics) papers 3-straight-days in a row. I wish you guys all the best,though. However my resting days are not so resting at all. I still need to study for my Circuit exam on Friday and Calculus 2 (the oh-so-killing-me-softly-with-its-questions) exam on Saturday,then I'm totally done with this semester. I'm home for now and I need to clean everything up before Mama admits herself into HKL for her surgery (refer here). I'll be taking care of her in the night for these few days while Ayah on duty in the evening. Then,after finishing the exams it's gonna be me all the time (biasa lah anak mithali,eceh!).

I pray that everything's going smoothly Amin Amin Aminnn.

I ask for strength and Allah give me difficulties to make me strong.
I ask for wisdom and Allah gave me problem to solve.
-Salahuddin Al-Ayubi-

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jaya jr said...

eh,brolok ngn edry KRU..keh3