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Friday, February 11, 2011

Unexpectable Expectation.

I went back to UIA last Sunday with a very very very heavy heart (berat hati), thinking that this coming week would be a really oh-so stressing week. With unfinished reports, unstudied exams, unprepared presentation and I haven't start anything for my UNGS and Programming project.


Monday went normal I guessed, with all the classes and usual stress. Tuesday was the greatest I guessed so far. I got back my EC mid term paper and Praise Be Upon Allah, I scored it well. Wednesday was a bit tiring (and sort of pissed off). I had my UNGS mid term paper that morning (and I came about 30 minutes late, dang!) and I sort of couldn't answered few of the questions Especially the question that ask about why Al Muwatta' by Imam Malik is not to be considered as the top 6 Hadith to be referred to. I had workshop in the evening and it was the Milling week. Milling is such a hast. I finished my class so late, around 5.30 pm. However, I managed to rush to CAC to meet Cikgu Azrina and her F1 team. They came for the Engitex exhibition I guessed. Thanks Cikgu for coming even though it's not you main purposes, hihi. Anyhow, Thursday was a little bit disappointment. Kak Mimi didn't come for EC class. I had the usual class in which I came back late around 7.00 pm. Went usrah with PEPIAS that night.

Today was Friday, and it sucks. A lot! Couldn't it get even worse then today?
Oh wait, I got Wataniah training tomorrow from 0700 to 1700. Dbl dammit.
(and I haven't study anything for Calculus 2 mid term this Sunday)

Pray of the week: Allah granted me the greatest of ease for me to settle this week, pretty please.

A living proof to deny Zahirul Alam's statement to me,"You are incompetent".
Oh well, I'm not stupid, I just couldn't study with a stupid person like you.
And look what happened when I studied with someone smart.

P/S: Next time ZA, mind your words (even though you are a lecturer), got it?


yieyaw said...

sabo je la kaled..da lepas pon calculus..hehe

ipen said...

pergh kalek