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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Guessed This Goes For Wowo :)

Haha in reply to Wowo's dedicated post for me through her blog.

To Wowo;
for the post and keep writing more :)

Haha talk about friends/foes/anonymous people from my alma mater,I never was this kind of extrovert kid back then. I was more to this kind of timid and introvert person,live my own live and doesn't give a crap about others. I strongly believe that age is a factor behind all of these kinds of act and attitude. Don't ask me why because IASFDKY. In brief,I prefer to stay low-profile all the time. Note that I was not even talking to most of the seniors and juniors,too.

But it is funny when you finished your school and you started to mature. Age is not a boundary anymore for me to socialize with everyone. I get to know seniors,super-seniors,juniors,super-juniors (NOT THE K-POP THINGY!!) and even teachers too. Even better,I get to be-close with some of them as good friends of mine. To be honest,most of my best friends now are not at a similar age with me. But we communicated as if we have been knowing for each other since a very long time before.I know,awkward isn't it. But it does happened. And now look at me. An extrovert person with a bunch of great friends and together along,great foes too.

I think this is what it meant by some people bloom early while some late. But eventually,everyone will. Do not rush for your life. Instead let it come to you with its own time for it may come beautifully in its own way that we could not imagine.

Kaled was here. Roger and out.

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