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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Word-fulled Wednesday Lagi Cool.

I went to watch Transformers: Dark of The Moon today and as expected,it was dang boring. Unless for the cool robot tech,I am just impressed on the wing-suit scene alone. Story line-wise was an absolute typical 2011 movie. I went to redeem MTV tickets afterwards,and as always dang Celcom fucked me up. Tickets are absolutely finished redeemed. F' you Celcom,F' you,big time!!!

I had dinner with Abu,Ili and her bf,Ihsan. Izwan too. Ili gave me a rough time for the first time tonight,since she got her bf besides to back her up,in case if me and Abu counter attack her. Tonight is your night babe. Live to it. It shall be the last and only time you had it on me.


Talk about pictures without words reminds me of a story once told by my dad. It is about an Indian living at The States that have an ulcer in his mouth and needs to do a live telecast through handy-cam to his family back in Malaysia,telling that he is coming home. So he find a picture of a chicken,a goat and a bag. Then he rises the pictures by sequence and amazingly the family got the massage clearly. So people then wonder how he did it. So he replied that it was easy. The pictures were "AYAM,KAMBING,BEG (I am coming back)". All people laughed to death afterwards.

A picture alone may tells a thousand words,isn't it?

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