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Monday, July 04, 2011

You Just Might Not Realize It.

Having parents that have Facebook account is what most people fear the most. All secrets are at stakes for them to know. Quite a dang about that though. However,I am glad that my parents have the accounts. At least,I know that I have to behave well at all times for they are observing me 24/7.

Ayah and Mama

I don't add my elder brother though. Bahaya,dia kuat godek my secrets. Same goes to my aunts and uncles too. Thank God my parents are quite,computer-illiterate.

The best part of having parents with Facebook account is that they always support us no matter what and keep advising us to be a better one.

Awhh Ayah and Mama,saranghaeyo :)

Note:Dinda Hawa tu takde kena mengena,harap maklum.Lol.
A Less Relevant Note:Mood masih kurang baik sebab hal siang tadi.

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