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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Re-defining Holiday.

I really don't know how to react to holiday,at all. In the first place,what does holiday actually means? Isn't holiday supposedly to be the time for all of us to rest our mind from all the school/work stress? I really don't understand why the term 'holiday' is created but the stress is still the same as if it wasn't a holiday,at all. Honestly said,I really felt messed up.

Bummer -..-" *kan Syazwan kan,haha..*

My lecturers are so a disappointment for me. Giving me tonnes of assignments and what not for the holiday (again,what does holiday means?). The workloads are as if I'm on a month of hiatus,but I'm just off for a week of rest, only! This is totally preposterous! (aceh,mcm Mat British pulak kan,haha). Supposedly I'm going to Pasir Puteh tomorrow,accompanying my brother to attend his future wife-to-be's sister a.k.a his classmate's *long story,later okay* wedding. But somehow,after seeing the mountains of papers in my bag just now,I decided to cancel the trip (bummer!) *haha blame Syazwan for making me addicted to this sigh-term*.

Thought of returning back to UIA earlier as in tomorrow because hell yes I won't touch any of the assignments while I'm still at home. But nah,I think I should stay home as long as I could. I know I'm gonna miss those house-made cookings during my one-freaking-whole month of army recruitment right after finishing this semester *again,long story,later okay*.

P/S: Kinda stress lately due to lots of thinking ... about ... how to make money (Dammit!)
Dbl P/S: I think I'm still normal because I'm not the only one having the I-cannot-study-at-all-when-I'm-home disease,ay mate?

But definitely undeniable, holiday is the time to fatten up.
*Musim Menternak Lemak*

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