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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 1.

By right,if any of my pantai timur friends read this they just might say,

"Day 1 mung krek krek,org doh nok msk bulang duo doh!"

Haha,laugh all you want but yes,I've decided to be active back in blogging world again. I don't know whether it's a good news or a bad one for you guys,who cares *evil grins*. Gonna give my uttermost effort to bring you the updates on my surrounding (at least) *yeah right*.

Enough blabbering;

Current obsession: Hana Tajima,one who may ticks all the points in the List of Characteristics for Future Wife-to-be.

Would really,really,really like to write something about her (obviously something great) but I just can't stop adoring her. Show it to Mama yesterday and she said,"Bukan senang nak tgk foreigner pakai tudung betul-betul,and fashionize". Haha,Mama,the second one nanti you can see atas pelamin with me (lol!)

P/S: Someone said she's like Maria Ozawa masuk Islam (duh -..-")


jeeva jepp said...

maria ozawa masuk islam- best remark for a islamic chic.

Anonymous said...

jgn kau nk berangan kaled..
aku yg akan dpt dulu..haha
ak rase kau tahu sape ak.

Kaled Ali said...

jepp:you betcha! haha
anon:haha 2 je potential org dengki.tak ezzwan,pulloh.

DS said...

HANA TAJIMA pahhhss cerohhh..hahahahaha....=p