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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kalaulah Bulu Itu Boleh Dijadikan Duit.

Its not wrong to berangan sometimes,that you are filthy rich (but don't berangan that Hana Tajima is your wife la, 'cause you just might get dead,killed by me,lol).

Leica M8,M8.2;
My current-heartthrob obsession.

People said the price is unimaginably expensive. So definitely a big NO for me lah kan. Even Aiman said, "lepas duit JPA campur duit MARA pun tak lepas lagi nak beli satu Leica". Haha,for real,that expensive huh? My friend at UIA Kuantan,Dinie had a 'friend' of her (let me get this straight,a really close friend of her) have one of Leica's (M6 if I'm not mistaken) and he have a blog with tonnes of Leica's results that really catch my eyes; Hariry Ariffin. Get a peek of it whenever you are free .

P/S: Esok habis cuti,dammit. Kerja satu benda tak usik lagi. Dbl dammit.


Anonymous said...

Leica is too expensive for a compact digi-cam.Get a Linux instead!they leica lens!produce a almost same quality photos

Hariry Ariffin said...

Dear anonymous,
do you mean Lumix instead of Linux?

have a nice day. :)

Kaled Ali said...

kan haha aku abaikan je tu aku tahu dia maksudkan lumix.